Becci Williams and Bboy Didge – Interview

Just in case you missed this interview with two of my dancers, Becci Williams and Bboy Didge.

Becci Williams completed her vocational training at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in 2010 qualifying with a BPA (Hons) degree. Since graduating Rebecca began her performance career in 2011 with Harnisch Lacey Dance Theatre, creating and touring their double bill show,‘Spin.’ During this time she had the opportunity to make choreography for Hedfan Youth Company. Rebecca then went on to work for Watkins Dance, Wayne Sables Project, Company Decalage and Joon Dance. Becci also organizes international break dance events and has her own professional dance company, Dirty Feet. Dirty Feet DC premiered it’s piece ‘Out of Nowhere’ as part of Resolutions! 2012 with a sellout show. Rebecca also has experience in commercial work and teaching.

Daniel Ovel (Didge) is a breakdancer who has been training his individual style for over 9 years. Didge trained at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance to develop his unique style of B-boying. He was finalist on the BBC Three show ‘Move it like Michael Jackson’ and organizes his own international break dance events with his company “Dirty Feet”. Didge is a regular with Harnisch-Lacey Dance Theatre and is currently touring with “The Lock In”, a folk and hip-hop dance extravaganza.

In this interview, Becci and Didge talk about their own experience of how fusion of styles is part of their own dance vocabulary.