Wendy Hesketh-Ogilvie, Artistic Director of Wired Aerial Theatre – Interview

With more than 32 years of dance experience, Wendy began dancing at the age of four and has dreamt of being able to fly for as long as she can remember!

Taking the long route to becoming a professional performer, Wendy choose to major in dance, gymnastics and trampolining throughout her four year teaching degree at Brighton University. Upon graduation she hot footed it to London Contemporary Dance School for a one year Diploma in Contemporary Dance and Choreography. As soon as Wendy graduated she began working professionally for various companies such as Motionhouse, Sirens Crossing, Dream Engine and the critically acclaimed De La Guarda with whom she then spent 4 years touring Worldwide.

Wendy teaches dance and bungee-assisted dance nationally and internationally, she worked as Associate Director of Circus at the Contact Theatre in Manchester between 20072008 and is currently devising a strand of aerial dance for Edgehill University due to be delivered in September 2010.

Wendy’s passion for aerial performance lies not only in its form but in its history, its place within the performance world as a whole and within appropriate and intellectual approach to teaching it. She has spent many years researching dance techniques to compare and contrast her own findings and is highly motivated to push this genre forwards to allow both aerial performers and audiences to access information, terms, definitions and knowledge that will allow everyone to understand, critique, form opinion and converse in a common language.

In this interview Wendy talks about fusion within Wired Aerial Theatre’s work.